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Beryle & Lee™ currently offers one Congregation Management product mStewardship.


(Currently under Rewrite)

Forget about all of the manual drudgery that you used to have to endure to manage your congregation. With mStewardship on your iPad, you have at your fingertips a completely integrated Congregation Management System that will help you revolutionize the way that you record, store and utilize the information about your congregation membership and all aspects of their activities including donations.

With mStewardship you can:

  • Establish records for all of your congregation members and their families
  • Link multiple home addresses to an individual and family
  • Connect individual and households to multiple forms of contact information including mailing address, Email addresses and multiple phone numbers
  • Manage changing personal information about congregation members including births, deaths, marriages, and divorces
  • Manage the use of multiple housing or mailing locations by members such as vacation houses or temporary military deployments
  • Establish a Pledge plan by individual/household with related envelopes
  • Manage the donation collections event with a breakdown of information by collector, types of monies and designated donation category
  • Plan and manage multiple other charitable fund raising events and track their actual results against expectations
  • Create a detailed, layered budget
  • Automate the management of thank you cards, solicitations and other mailing efforts.
  • Provide significant automated reporting on congregation membership, collections effectiveness, progress against budget, etc.

Future updates of mStewardship will allow you to: 

  • Track and tap into the skills and interests of individual congregation members
  • Managing the visitation process
  • Planning, managing, and recording spiritual events such as baptisms, funerals, etc.
  • Feed directly to your automated accounting package, such as QuickBooks

mStewardship was developed and tested with real congregation stewards and treasurers. It is simply the best new tool for managing congregation activities available in the marketplace. It was developed specifically for use on the iPad to take best advantage of this extremely graphical, flexible and portable tool. Once you have tried mStewardship, we know you will agree that this is the system for which your congregation has been searching.

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