As we make our way through the maze that makes up our personal and professional lives, we end up trusting a treasured few individuals or institutions to help us achieve our goals and accomplish our objectives. In a world where so many business entities have proven themselves less than trustworthy, Beryle & Lee™ aspires to be someone you can trust to meet your needs. We are in the business of providing tailored, native iOS mobile solutions to expand your reach into internet commerce. We treat each of our client engagements as a special relationship and believe that integrity and credibility are our hallmark.

Mobile Technology and Your Business

Consider this …

  • According to statista.com there will be more than 290 million smartphones in the US by 2024
  • Today there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world (statistic.com) .
  • In 2020, Apple held 32.2% of the tablet worldwide (statista.com).

Your customers in 2020 will have grown to expect commerce to be conducted through mobile applications designed to function in a touch and gesture-based world, not the PC and mouse-based one of their parents.

iPhone®/iPad® App Solutions Provider for Targeted Vertical Markets

The Apple mobile platform provides a compelling user experience that Beryle & Lee™ is harnessing in the development of native applications designed for a touch-based world. Our current products are mDomestics & mStewardship