Mobility Services

Mobile technology has had significant impact on virtually all aspects of life as we know it. Because of its ubiquitous presence in our daily lives, mobile applications have become a must-have tool for business-to-business and business-to-consumer communications. In fact, if your organization is not incorporating mobile technologies you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risk in a highly competitive business environment. By integrating mobile technology into your IT infrastructure, you empower your distributed workforce, reach more prospective customers, and enhance your customer service capability

At Beryle & Lee our focus is on the Mobile Technology marketplace and our specialty is in the development and enhancement of IOS applications that will enable you to effectively leverage this exciting new channel

In Most Cases Native is Better

We believe that there may be times that mobile-optimized websites make sense. However, native applications are almost always a better solution. Native applications offer better performance, are more reliable, are more secure, provide full access to hardware features, provide potential to use in off-line mode, and provide a cleaner and smoother user experience that your customers will greatly appreciate.

Our Service Offerings:

We offer complete design and development of native IOS applications and subsystems.

Enterprise Applications Development

The world is your office. For businesses, we build solutions that provide employees and managers with robust mobile access to enterprise applications regardless of location - whether from customer sites, partner sites, warehouses, or trade shows. Imagine user-friendly mobile access to your back-end systems is just a click away for your field-force personnel providing real-time access to business systems such as CRM, inventory, project and logistics management systems and more. Beryle-Lee engineers possess the knowledge and skills necessary to build a custom solution that is tailor-made for your specific business needs.

Consumer Applications Development

For business-to-consumer applications we can help you change the way the way you interact with your customers and potential customers via the mobile channel. Whether your plans involve e-commerce or other customer-facing applications that interface with your business processes we have the knowledge and experience to develop customized solutions that meet your very specific requirements.

Porting Services

If you have a need to extend the reach of existing applications by porting to new platforms and devices we can provide porting services to help you upgrade those applications. Whether you require an upgrade to the latest IOS version, an objective-c to Swift migration strategy , a desktop to IOS platform port, or a cross platform port we can help.

Our Expertise:

Our staff possesses the business domain and technology expertise to address your IOS development needs regardless of industry or project size.

  • Xcode 8.3.3/iOS 10 - Swift/Objective C - Advanced Interface Builder/Core Data
  • Universal App Design - Auto Layout - Size Classes - Storyboards
  • REST/JSON - Web Services - OAuth - Online/Off line
  • Application/Business Domain
  • Large Scale Government Projects
  • Healthcare
  • Field-Force Automation
  • Education/E-learning